Download evasion jailbreak for iOS 7.0.4 jailbreak

Jailbreak iOS 7.0.4 with evasi0n7

evasi0n7 jailbreak is Compatible almost with any iOS device including Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad, iPod Touch. Supports latest iOS 7.0.4 to iOS 7.0.6 and now you can Jailbreak iOS 7.0.4 with evasion 1.0.5 Or Check the latest iOS 7.0.6 jailbreak through download evasion jailbreak.

Download evasion jailbreak on any iPhone, iPad or iPod debice. Evasi0n is an untethered jailbreak with better computability. Currently, evasion download is available for both Windows and MAC operating systems. Our developing team is working for the Linux users do, give us a moment. evasi0n7 is completely a freeware which is eny user can freely download the tool. You can download evasion from our direct download links or Fast CDN evasi0n7 mirrors.

Evasion 1.0.8 download Latest Release

Update : Evasion 1.0.8 jailbreak is released with bug fixes and have been updated with more device support. More info and direct evasion 1.0.8 download through dedicated page.

If you seeking to jailbreak 6.1.3 to 6.1.5, you can do it with p0sixpwn download jailbreak tool. It is also an untethered jailbreak tool which compatible with all the devices capable of running iOS 6.1.3 to 6.1.5.

Evasion Jailbreak Download - Tool Versions

Download evasi0n 1.0.7 latest update
evasi0n7 1.0.4 OS Link

Evasion7 Jailbreak Requirements - Download evasi0n

  • just few clicks away , only take about 5-10 minutes
  • You must have working PC with Windows (XP minimum) or Mac OS X (10.6 minimum) .
  • Download and install the latest version of iTunes (for windows users)
  • Check and confirm your iOS version. iPhone, iPad or iPod with iOS 7.0 to 7.0.4
  • Working USB connection to connect your idevice to PC

Evasion download - What Users Should Know

  • Evasion jailbreak is an untethered jailbreaking toolkit. This is the first and only available untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 7 - iOS 7.0.6
  • Before proceed with evasi0n7, read all the instructions, details and check your device, iOS version before you begin jailbreak iOS 7.
  • After the jailbreak process, we have received Some iPhones are stuck at Apple Logo after restarting evasion7. Still evad3rs has not fixed that problem. Try putting your device into DFU mode & restore / upgrade your iPhone using iTunes. iOS version will be upgraded to iOS 7.0.4 when you restoring. also you can repeat jailbreak process again with evasion7 jailbreak.
  • We can not get iPad 2 jailbreak with evasion7 . Please do not use this evasion download with iPad 2 running iOS 7.1.x
  • If anything goes wrong or not, Please take a full backup of your device with iTunes or iCloud before you go with evasion7 jailbreak.
  • Please notice still some Cydia tweaks (some apps ) are not yet compatible with iOS 7 and 7.x.x . Just wait for to download latest evasion jailbreak version.

Jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 using Evasi0n Download

How to Jailbreak iPhone on iOS 7.0, iOS 7.0.4 / Jailbreak iOS 7.0.5

Instructions for the Users

  • Make sure you have taken a complete backup of your personal information before begin evasion jailbreak.
  • Please disable your Passcode/ Touch ID before you jailbreak with evasion download.
  • as we mentioned, install the latest iTunes and stop any sync/ ongoing process with itunes /iCloud.
  • If you get an error using evasion download with OS X 10.8 "evasi0n can't be opened" right-click the app and on the revealed context menu--> choose "Open" On the ensuing dialogue box--> choose "Open" as well.
  • Over The Air updates of iOS 7 are known to create some issues and may jailbreak fail. Just restore your apple device to IOS 7.0.4. with iTunes to jailbreak with evasion 7. We will fix this soon.
  • We got some reports that iPad 2 (wifi) is not compatible with the jailbreak. Just give us some time
  • Download evasion for jailbreak iOS 7.0.4 / iOS 7.0.6, please notice that still some of the Cydia tweaks are not compatible with iOS 7.

Evasion7 Download Developer Credits

  • evasi0n7 is developed by and distributed Freely

  • @ollvm
  • @phoenixdev
  • Hanéne
  • @Surenix